A massive thank you to our COVID-19 testers

We thank all our testers from MCSB at the Lighthouse Lab who have been using their skills to test for COVID-19 every day. Than you for all your contributions in such a difficult and uncertain time. We appreciate your contribution to fighting this virus every day. Here is a current working list of everyone from MCSB who are currently testing: 

  • Allan James
  • Beth Dibnah 
  • David Sannino 
  • Elisa Alvarez - Curto 
  • Guillermo Baena 
  • Hannah Donnelly 
  • June Southall 
  • Laura Jenkins 
  • Louis Dwomoh 
  • Mary Ann Madsen 
  • Mehmet Gundogdu 
  • Philip Robinson 
  • Rudi Prihandoo 
  • Sarah Cumming 
  • Julia Dunlop 
  • Martin Rennie 
  • Mary Prathiba Joseph 

First published: 1 June 2020

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