Dr Rucha Karnik awarded a Royal Society Public Engagement Grant

Congratulations to Rucha who was successful in obtaining a Royal Society Public Engagement Fund. 

The project will culminate plant science, art and music to develop tools to convey how plants defend themselves from disease causing microbes. A musical 'defence song' video will be created displaying the similarities between plants and humans in preventing infection. An interactive toy for pre-school children will be designed and constrcuted to convey concepts of plant immunity using scientific research images acquired in Rucha's lab. The team will engage with a member of the public to translate the scientific concepts most effectively to the audience. Most importantly, this project will aim to evoke a fascination for plant science research in the members of the public. 

Rucha and her team, including scientific members, postgraduate and undergraduate students, research technician, non-scientist volunteer, administrator, member of the public and and a local art student who is also a trained musician, will visit local pre-schools and stalls at large scale public engagement events over the year.

Keep up date by visiting our public engagement page for upcoming events.

First published: 26 February 2019

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