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Dr Mary Dysko, Daphne Jackson Fellow

I am a returning researcher on a Daphne Jackson Fellowship after taking a long break from academia to have a large family. My work is on microfluidic acoustic devices for the mechanical phenotyping and enrichment of adipose derived stem cells, as a tissue engineering approach to the treatment of peripheral nerve injuries, sponsored by Medical Research Scotland.

As a Physics and Mathematics graduate my guiding passion was initially fundamental physics and cosmology. On roaming around Europe after a Masters in Astronomy, however, I became more interested in Life on Earth and a chance visit to the University of Seville gave rise to my PhD, based at Glasgow, in the Dielectrophoresis (DEP) of sub-micron particles and the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices for diagnostics. This sparked an interest in Bioethics, in which I undertook another Masters at St. Marys University, London. I am very glad, now, to be back in science, doing work which I hope will make a difference to the lives of people affected by neurological trauma injuries.


Dr Joanna Koszela, Researcher in Prof Helen Walden's group

Originally from Poland, I obtained my undergraduate and masters degree in Biosciences in Lyon, France. After falling in love with Scotland during my masters research project in Dundee, I went to Edinburgh for a PhD in Cell Biology under the supervision of professors Mike Tyers and Manfred Auer. The focus of my studies was to develop new high-throughput assays for discovery of ubiquitination inhibitors using yeast and in-vitro systems. During a subsequent postdoc, I developed a fluorescence-based method for monitoring complex ubiquitination reactions in real time. I recently joined professor Helen Walden’s group to study activation mechanisms of a ubiquitin ligase Parkin, often mutated in familial cases of Parkinson’s disease.


Bethany Fleming, Technician in Prof Neil Bulleid's group

I graduated from The University of Glasgow with a BSc (Hons) in Virology in 2015. After graduating I worked for 3 years with Merck in one of their bio-safety testing facilities. This mainly focused on culturing client cell lines, preparing cell banks and performing assays on client material.

I have recently joined Professor Neil Bulleid’s group as a Research Technician. The group’s research mainly focuses on how cells fold and assemble proteins. We are studying this process in mammalian cells using a combination of cell biological and biochemical techniques.




First published: 12 December 2018

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