Explorathon Extravaganza returns to Glasgow!

The Explorathon extravaganza returned to our city on 28th-29th September, bringing a huge range of free events and exhibitions for children and adults. The Tobin group contributed to the exhibitions that took place at the Riverside Museum on the Friday evening to inspire the next generation of scientists and their families. One of the greatest successes among the youngest public was the brain cap which allowed children (and adults!) to familiarize with the complexity and beauty of our brain. In addition, the Tobin team created a competitive board game including questions based on neuroscience, pharmacology and neurodegenerative disease, which were tailored for children as well as adults, and it’s safe to say that was much enjoyed by everyone!

The Explorathon is an amazing opportunity for children and their families, but also for us scientists, because it helps us to reach out to the younger generation, promotes the importance of our research and have a lot of fun!

First published: 18 October 2018

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