Welcome to our newest staff members

IMCSB welcomes our newest members of staff! We are excited to see them achieve great things within the Institute!

Jonas Chaves Alvim, Researcher in Professor Mike Blatt's group

'I am originally from Brazil where I concluded both my undergraduate studies and my master’s degree. I graduated in Biological Sciences in the year of 2010 and concluded a master’s in Agroenergy in the year of 2014.
I moved to the UK and have started my PhD at the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Prof. Jurgen Denecke in Jan 2015. I am due to conclude my PhD later this year and have just recently joined Prof. Mike Blatt as a research assistant.
My main research areas are membrane protein trafficking combined to synthetic biology and also carbohydrates structure plus the technologies involved in the production of 1st/2nd generation biofuel. However, what I am passionate about and try to always been involved with is confocal laser scanning microscopy'.

Grant McKenzie, Researcher in Professor Marshall Stark's group

'After obtaining a Masters of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, I went on to obtain a joint PhD in chemistry between The University of Edinburgh, and The University of Melbourne, Australia. My time in Edinburgh was spent performing photophysical studies of 2-aminopurine in DNA under the supervision of Prof. Anita C. Jones. While in Melbourne, I worked in the group of Prof. Trevor A. Smith towards developing an ultrafast fluorescence upconversion system suited for the study of biological molecules. Presently, I'm is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Marshall Stark on “the elucidation of the mechanism of serine recombinases” using single molecule fluorescence, a collaborative project with Dr Steven Magennis (School of Chemistry).


First published: 10 October 2018

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