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The Glasgow CeMi group started the year off with three of their latest papers featured on the covers of journals. The researchers that produced the papers are giddy with happiness to have these incredibly pretty pieces of art to show off. Thanks to the very talented Mark, Sara and Alex!

Link to full papers: 

High Efficiency BMP‐2 Coatings: Nanoscale Coatings for Ultralow Dose BMP‐2‐Driven Regeneration of Critical‐Sized Bone Defects. Zhe A. Cheng et al. Adv. Sci. 2/2019.

Tissue Engineering: Functionalization of PLLA with Polymer Brushes to Trigger the Assembly of Fibronectin into Nanonetworks. Mark Robert Sprott et al. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 3/2019.

Boron Ions: Simultaneous Boron Ion‐Channel/Growth Factor Receptor Activation for Enhanced Vascularization. Patricia Rico et al. Adv. Biosys. 1/2019.


PGR news

Robert Docherty became the most recent Dr of Philosophy in the CeMi. It was a great day for celebration, with Chris Linington as the internal examiner and Umber Cheema as the external examiner from UCL. Congratulations Dr Docherty!

Wich Orapiriyakul recently attended the Anglo-Thai Society Edcuational Awards Ceremony at the Oriental Club, London in November 2018, where he was selected for an award in medical sciences. The Educational Awards 2018 aims to acknowledge the achievement and excellence of Thai students carrying out research at British universities.

Wich said 'I am honored to be selected for a winner in medical science and would like to thank the Anglo-Thai Society and Thai Business development for generously providing this award. I would like to thank the Thai Government and Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand for giving me the opportunity to study at the University of Glasgow. I am sincerely grateful to Professor Matthew Dalby and Dr Monica Tsimbouri for their great supervision and support. I respectfully thank to Asst Professor Kanyika Chamniprasas and PSU orthopedic staff for their support during my training to become an orthopedic. I also would like to thank and recognize the support of all my colleagues in the CeMi (Carol-Anne, Ewan, Tom, Virginia, Peter C, Paul C, Shaun), IBME(PSU), Dr. Somyot Chirasatitsin, my family and many people who had ever helped me. The ceremony was gorgeous. We enjoyed the yummy international cocktail food, Thai beer, champagne, etc. I was so impressed to see my supervisor (Dr. Monica) in a new look (not lab coat and pipettes)'.

Wich is collaborating with Professor Stuart Reid at University of Strathclyde, and are developing a bioreactor to drive stem cells for bone tissue engineering using the nanoscale vibration (Nanokicking Bioreactor). His PhD thesis focuses on developing collagen hydrogel-sponge composite seeded with human stem cells which can be delivered to clinics in a handleable manner, suitable for surgery as well as allow nanovibrational stimulation to grow bone cells.

Well done Wich!



First published: 25 February 2019

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