Karen Thompson awarded BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account grant

Dr Karen Thompson from the Tobin group is currently undertaking a 3-month visit to the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) in Melbourne, Australia. This visit forms part of an ongoing collaboration between the Tobin group and Arthur Christopoulos’ group at MIPS. Karen was awarded a University of Glasgow BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account grant to carry out this visit.

During her visit, Karen is working with world leaders in pharmacology and drug discovery to broaden her in vitro pharmacology skills, as well as refining familiar techniques. Upon her return to the University of Glasgow, Karen is looking forward not only to applying these new skills to her own work but also to sharing them with other members of the Centre for Translational Pharmacology.

Karen is enjoying her time at MIPS and, of course, the Australian sunshine!

First published: 25 February 2019

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