Cell Block Science at HMP Shotts and HMP Low Moss Prison

Sophie Bradley, Andrew Tobin and Claire Osborne visited HMP Shotts and HMP Low Moss prison in November to talk to prisoners about our research at the University of Glasgow. This was part of a Wellcome Trust funded initiative called ‘Cell Block Science’ which is aimed at delivering science activities in prison learning centres throughout Scotland. We delivered two talks per day, and interacted with a range of male adult prisoners that had chosen to come to the learning centre to chat to us about our work. Our talk was focussed on Alzheimer’s disease, and how we are trying to investigate the therapeutic potential of targeting M1 muscarinic receptors. We discussed the mechanisms by which drugs selectively activate their target and how we are using prion-diseased mice as a model for terminal neurodegeneration. We tried to make the sessions as interactive as possible and even had the learners take part in a ‘Mini-Cog test’. This is a really rewarding scheme - the prisoners were very engaged and asked lots of questions! The initiative is still on going, so if anyone is interested in getting involved contact Claire!

First published: 13 December 2018

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