Return to Campus

This section will list University guidelines to inform staff and students how best to return safely to campus during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also contains information regarding local stipulations and advice for how to populate the MCSB buildings. 


University Return to Campus Guidelines

The University has published it's PostCovid Campus management plan, which gives the general guielines on ''what we need to do to ensure buildings and spaces can be used safely''. 

SEPS Guidance

The SEPs website, Safety & Environmental Protection Service, has lots of useful information. 

Particularly relevant for PIs is the Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template (blank) Ver3.0, which can be found on the SEPs website under their Forms Section. 

Return to Campus Instructions

If you want to return to work than you are required to complete the following steps: 


Local Safety Co-ordinator

If you have any questions please contact your Local Safety Co-ordinator: 

Return to Work Campus Assessments

In preparation for returning to field-based research, SEPs has prepared some template risk assessments which anyone planning to return to field-based research working needs to complete, to show how they plan to manage the additional risks posed by the virus. SEPs has guidelines, information and template forms. 

Face Mask Guidance

COVID-19: University face covering guidance 

From Wednesday 7 October, face coverings will be required at all times and in all buildings on campus, including teaching and study spaces, with the following exceptions:

  • Individuals who are exempt from wearing a face covering for a medical reason;
  • Individuals who are working alone in offices;
  • Staff and students working in specialist facilities such as laboratories where a bespoke risk assessment has been undertaken.

For specialist facilities, risk assessments should be carried out in line with the guidance on the SEPS Covid Resource page, with input from the Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing and SEPS staff as appropriate.

Staff, students and visitors are also asked to wear face coverings in outdoor settings where they are likely to be in close proximity with others.

Using disposable Face Masks

  • Masks should be inspected for any damage before use.
  • Avoid touching face when wearing them.
  • Ensure hands are clean before removal (sanitise gloves or hands).
  • Dispose of safely either in autoclave waste or normal waste bin – not clinical waste
  • Wash hands thoroughly after removal.
  • Refresh disposable face masks after a few hours or if they become damp.
  • Never leave lying around to reuse. Masks should be disposed of appropriately when removed from face.