Women in Science - Dr Sophie Bradley

I joined the Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology in 2016 as a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith (LKAS) fellow. Working in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, my present research is focussed on determining the impact of pharmacologically targeting specific members of the GPCR family in neurodegenerative diseases. My PhD and postdoctoral research was conducted at the University of Leicester in the laboratories of Prof. John Challiss and Prof. Andrew Tobin, respectively.

I was brought up in Leicestershire as part of a large family who are still there, and therefore, I am still settling in to a new life in Glasgow. Being at an early stage of my research career, I thought it was important to take on a new challenge in a different environment. My career has been strongly supported by my previous supervisors who have helped get me to where I am now. Although being away from family is sometimes difficult, I have a strong support network within the lab, a really busy and enjoyable work life, and often go back home to spend time with family in Leicester.