IMCSB Athena Swan self-assessment team

The IMCSB Self Assessment Team (SAT), is responsible to develop and implement the Institute’s Athena SWAN action plan.

The SAT team consists of 21 members, representing a wide variety of experiences and different career stages:

Dr Elisa Alvarez-Curto, Research Associate
Dr Catherine Berry, Lecturer
Prof Neil Bulleid, Professor in Cell Biology, Director of Institute
Prof John Christie, Professor of Photobiology
Professor Julian Dow, Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Dr Katie Farrell, Equality and Diversity Officer
Professor Gareth Jenkins, Professor of Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
Dr Rucha Karnik, Research Fellow
Dr Sharon Kelly, Research Fellow
Dr Virginia Llopis-Hernandez, Research Associate
Mrs Keilly MacDonald, Athena SWAN Data Officer
Ms Hannah Donnelly, PhD candidate
Ms Julia Murphy, HR
Miss Claire Osborne, IMCSB administration
Mr Paul Paterson, Chief Technican
Dr Mathis Riehle, Reader in Cell Engineering
Mrs Michelle Robb, Head of Professional Services 
Dr Laura Spagnolo, Reader
Prof Kostas Tokatlidis, Cathcart Chair
Dr Monica Tsimbouri, Research Fellow
Dr Cheryl Woolhead, Senior Lecturer