Rachel Francoeur

PGR pic Rachel FrancouerMy current role focuses on pharmacokinetics and immune responses in high endemic areas of schistosomiasis infection. I am looking at absorption rates of the treatment drug, praziquan‌tel as well as immune function as an indicator of or susceptibility to reinfection. I hold a BSc (hons) in zoology, an MSc in aquatic pathology and am currently doing a PhD focusing on within host interactions of schistosomes. I have spent time running field research stations and working as an educator in zoos and aquaria concentrating on animal welfare and conservation. More recently, the focus of my research has been in relation to aquatic pathogens and their impact on hosts with an emphasis on host immune response to disease, transmission pathways and treatment efficacy.

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine

University of Glasgow | 314 Graham Kerr Building  | Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Email: Rachel.francoeur@glasgow.ac.uk | Tel: +44 0141 330 6638

Research title: Within-host factors influencing Schistosoma mansoni infections in hyper-endemic communities of Uganda