Dr Ana Borges De Camargo Costa

  • Research Assistant (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

Research interests

My research goal is to use morphology, genetic, and genomic techniques to investigate speciation, evolutionary adaptation, population ecology, and conservation biology of vertebrate species. I am driven by questions of how populations differentiate spatially and temporally and how these differences are correlated with habitat use.

Current Research

My current research, funded with a NERC Highlight Topics Grant, mainly focuses on the adaptation of Icelandic stickleback populations to the increase in water temperature. Through the use of genomic, epigenomic, and morphological tools, this project is examining the genomic changes in thermally-contrasting Icelandic stickleback populations and how these changes are related to phenotypic traits.

Past Research

My past research investigated differences in the genotype and phenotype of bottlenose dolphin ecotypes of the western Atlantic Ocean as a way to examine the degree of differentiation among them and their taxonomic relationship.




  • Smith, Bethany
    The plasticity and evolution of gene expression in geothermal stickleback populations