Announcing the appointed members of the Strategic Management Board for Veterinary Surveillance

Countering animal disease threats
Veterinary surveillance reforms progressed, with new board in place

A strategic board to oversee reforms of veterinary surveillance in Scotland has been created, following recommendations from an independent review.

In November, former National Farmer’s Union Scotland (NFUS) president John Kinnaird published his review, with proposals to improve the way vital information on animal disease is gathered, analysed and shared. The creation of a strategic management board – including industry and veterinary representation – was one of his key recommendations.

The new board meets for the first time on April 20 and will be chaired be Scotland's acting chief vet Sheila Voas, with three independent members:

  • Colin Manson, a farmer from Forres who was NFUS Highland Regional Chairman from 2006 to 2010
  • Freda Scott-Park, co-ordinator for the Highland and Islands Veterinary Services Scheme and the former president of the British Veterinary Association
  • Dominic Mellor, Professor of Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health at University of Glasgow - Dominic is an Associate member of our Institute

The new board will work with the Scottish Government and surveillance providers to ensure we have a disease surveillance system that is fit for purpose and provides adequate protection.

As the First Minister made clear in Parliament last week, through this board we will consult fully with farmers and vets around Scotland as we consider and take forward the recommendations set out in the Kinnaird report.

The John Kinnaird Review of Veterinary Surveillance was published on November 9, 2011: