Launch of the AfricanBioservices project in the Serengeti National Park

Issued: Mon, 07 Sep 2015 09:00:00 BST

African Bioservices launch — group shot

Last week Research Fellow Dr Grant Hopcraft and Institute Director Prof. Dan Haydon joined collaborators from Norway, the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Germany and strong local partners in Tanzania and Kenya for the official launch of the new €10 million EU Horizon 2020-funded research project: Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Great Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem—drivers of change, causalities and sustainable management strategies (AfricanBioservices).

The project aims to unravel, in the East African Serengeti-Mara Region, how human population growth, land-use change and climate change affect human well-being and exacerbate poverty through their impact on key ecosystem services (the benefits humans derive from natural ecosystems and their associated biodiversity). On the basis of this, the project will derive novel sustainable solutions that will address two goals: to protect biodiversity, and to improve the benefits that people derive from the unique ecosystems within the region.

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African Bioservices launch UoG team

African Bioservices launch UoG team