IBAHCM Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

The Institute's Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team (SAT) is responsible for developing and progressing the Institute's action plan. It consists of 17 members representing a wide variety of experiences and different career stages. It includes the Director of the Research Institute (Director), two Professors, one Senior Lecturer, two Lecturers, two Research Fellows, two Research Associates, a Technician, a PhD student, a Masters student, a Equality & Diversity officer, the Institute’s Head of Administration, the Head of College HR and the University’s Athena SWAN Coordinator.


Dr Simon Babayan, Research Fellow
Prof Maureen Bain, Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Histology
Francesco Baldini, Research Fellow
Dr Michelle Bellingham, Lecturer
Dr Winnie Boner, Research Associate
Luis Hernandez Castro, PhD. Student/Demonstrator
Ms Sarah Chiodetto, Head of Administration
Lucy Cotgrove, PhD. Student
Mrs Anne Graham, Technical Resource Manager
Dr Kathryn Elmer, Lecturer
Prof Dan Haydon, Director of Institute
Dr Paul Johnson, Research Fellow
Poppy Lamberton, Senior Lecturer
Dr Ana Monterio, Technician
Julia Murphy, HR Adviser
Prof Lubna Nasir, Professor of Comparative Oncoclogy
Dr Kevin Parsons, Lecturer

Dr Katie Farrell, Equality and Diversity Officer
Mrs Keilly MacDonald, Athena SWAN Data Officer