Events at IBAHCM

IBAHCM is a friendly Institute, proud of the inclusive and friendly atmosphere. We host various one-off and regular events througout the year, including away days, viva celebrations, coffee mornings and our annual Christmas Ceilidh.

Weekly BAHmail, information screens and mailing lists help Institute members to keep up to date with academic, as well as social activities. Below are some examples of what the Institute organises and facilitates on local, University and wider levels.

a group of people having coffee in zoology museum

band plays in Hunterian Museum

Our Culture

Regular group meetings are scheduled for the Shared Interest Groups within the Institute, as well as many Institute-wide social and work-related events. These include weekly and monthly seminar series, lunches or dinners with visiting speakers, the annual Away-day, coffee in the museum, table-football tournament, ART BOX exhibitions of members' art, a family-friendly BBQ, and a Christmas party. The Institute even has it's very own band Black Fox, often performing at local and University level events.

Coffee Mornings

To give staff and students the opportunity to get-together informally we hold fortnightly “Coffee in the Museum” and “Coffee at Garscube” events every second Thursday. All staff members take turns to host the event where cake and coffee are provided for a small charity donation to support United Glasgow FC - a local charity which makes football accessible and affordable to players of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, socio-economic positions and immigration statuses. 











Fortnightly ‘Coffee in the Museum’ often attended by up to 100 members of staff and students are themed to draw attention to various equality and well-being issues. For example LGBT in STEMM and Mental Health Awareness Week. These gatherings are important opportunities to disseminate key messages.

For Mental Health Awareness week, we displayed the winning photographs from our 2018 Wellbeing Photograph Competition alongside info for the Counselling & Psychological services available to staff & students.

The department has held 2 annual LGBT in STEMM Coffee in the Museum Events in 2018 and 2019. This year’s event held a “Bake Off” with rainbow themed cakes. Proceeds from the event went to the University of Glasgow LBGT Network. Our annual “LGBT in STEMM Celebration” events 2018, and 2019 helped inspire the establishment of the LGBT STEMM Garscube Network by Institute of Cancer Sciences.

Cochno Farm

Our Institute has led the development of a Community Garden at the University Research Farm at Cochno in the Kilpatrick Hills, financially supported by the Institute and maintained by its members which serves as an informal creche at weekends. This is a garden that is open to all members of the University, and hosts annual Institute summer picnics, BBQs and bonfire nights. 

Bake your Study Species

The Institute has a tradition of celebrating successful PhD vivas with a “Bake your study species” cake and celebratory drinks to which all staff are invited. A critical aspect of the Institute’s culture that facilitates networking for all staff members is the provision of dedicated social space at both primary sites for frequent and informal meetings over coffee/lunch/tea. These are well used by all staff and serve as an important forum for informal discussions about research and scientific issues generally. 


Our Events

Wellbeing at Work Week 

Our annual Wellbeing at Work Week is organized by members of the Athena Swan SAT and includes a wide range of activities such as mindfulness sessions (run by local mental health charity LifeLinks), yoga, dog walks, massages and talks. We held a seminar related to wellbeing and also placed information on mental health support iaround our buildings.

Networking Lunches

Our SAT initiated a series of Athena SWAN networking lunches with different parts of the College – first, the Institute of Molecular, Cellular and Systems Biology and then the School of Veterinary Medicine which was funded by the Institute. Staff from all grades and roles are invited to attend and informally network with colleagues from other departments. The events were well attended, and the SAT received positive comments from technical and support staff who felt the event was inclusive for all staff not only academic staff. 

Bullying and Harassment Workshops

Our Institute held two Bullying and Harassment workshops on the theme of ‘Where do you draw the line?’ led by Fiona McClement, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at UCL. All staff were required to attend one of these workshops and the workshop was also advertised to everyone associated with IBAHCM.


Technicians Skills Lab

We piloted a skills lab for core technical staff within the Institute to learn or refresh various molecular biology techniques from their peers. The launch event was a great success and there has been significant interest in our proposed second event.

International Women’s Day

In 2018, our Institute was recognised by International Women’s Day (IWD) for Best Practice in Education /Academia. Our IWD events bring together staff/students from all facets of the institute - from all genders, grades and roles - to celebrate the women in STEMM in our department, and we encourage everyone to make a pledge to #PressforProgress (2018) or #BalanceforBetter (2019).