Past Projects

Our pioneering research and teaching facility has, since 1946, been committed to understanding the mechanisms that govern the natural world and the impact of humans upon these. Below we give examples of studies that have been carried out over the years and give links to researchers who have worked at SCENE in the past.


Past Research Programmes at SCENE


  • The effect of intraspecific variation in physiological performance on growth and life history strategies in fish
  • Behavioural, physiological and maternal effects on the performance of Arctic charr
  • The effects of powerboat emissions on the water quality of Loch Lomond
  • Bredding biology of pied flycatchers
  • Ecological and economic impacts of National Park designation for Loch Lomond
  • Flow preferences of benthic macro invertebrates in three Scottish rivers
  • The effects of maternal steroids on individual variation in juvenile salmonids
  • Nutritional constraints on egg production in the blue tit
  • Metabolic rate, territoriality and life-history strategies of juvenile Atlantic salmon
  • Trophic polymorphism in the Arctic charr of lochs Rannoch, Ericht and Tay, Scotland
  • The structure and function of the caudal lamellae of the damselfly, Pyrrhosoma nymphula
  • An investigation into the causes and consequences of variability in community structure in a large freshwater loch
  • The effects of some management practices on the behaviour and welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon in sea cages
  • Ecology of helminth infections in salmonoid fish
  • Role of maternal antioxidants in blue tits
  • Environmental and seasonal influences on lake phytoplankton community structure
  • Epiphytes on the yew trees of Inchlonaig
  • A geological survey of the Highland Boundary Fault at Balmaha
  • Developmental choices in the Oak Eggar moth
  • Effects on powered craft on fish behaviour
  • The ecology and diet of red-necked wallabies on Loch Lomondside
  • Modelling long-term change in craft use of Loch Lomond
  • A long-term tagging study of the pike Esox Lucius in Loch Lomond