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CONGRATULATIONS to our PhD students, who successfully defended their thesis -

  • Han Honkanen - her thesis “Life stage specific mortality and habitat use in two species of salmonids” on Tuesday 9th May at SCENE. The External was Alistair Duguid (SEPA), Internal Examiner, Colin Bean and the Convenor, Maureen Bain

  • Jessica Fordyce - her thesis “Intraspecific genetic, phenotypic and life history structuring of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in a single complex catchment, the Foyle catchment” on Monday 24th April.  External Examiner, Tom Cross (University College Cork), Internal Examiner Neil Metcalfe and the Convenor Barbara Helm

  • Martin Hughes - his thesis “What makes a ferox? The drivers & consequences of alternative life history strategies in s. trutta” on Wednesday 26th April.  External Examiner, Prof. Andy Ferguson (Queen’s University Belfast), Internal Examiner, Shaun Killen, Convenor Martin Llewellyn


PHOTOSCENE COMPETITION - The GNHS and the Institute held another photographic competition this year. The aims of the competition are to promote interest in Natural History and the work of SCENE (Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment, the University’s field-station at Rowardennan), linkage between the Institute and the Society, and providing pictures for publicity, and to enhance the evening programme of GNHS.
See www.glasgownaturalhistory.org.uk/photoscene.html for further details and to see winning photographs from earlier years.


NATURALLY SPEAKING BLOG: new post from the 'Behind the SCENE' student blog team—Birds and Tree: Doing research in SCENE's woodlands

"SCENE has been home to many research projects over the years. While many of these have been short studies focused on individual researchers’ interests, some study systems have provided a wealth of possibilities leading to decades of detailed and diverse research projects. One such system is the blue tit population inhabiting the woodlands around the research station. Masters student Simon Helfer has recently started to investigate breeding success in blue tits to try to find out what drives success in urban and rural breeders. In this month’s Behind the SCENE, Simon writes about the beginnings of his project."  (14th March 2016) [Read more blog posts from SCENE]

CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Dodd, Mathew Newton and Colin Adams, on the award of a grant (£24k) from CREW (Centre of Expertise for Waters; a partnership between the James Hutton Institute and all Scottish Higher Education Institutes; www.crew.ac.uk)  to investigate the effects of natural flood management on riverine fish. (11th March 2016)

CONGRATULATIONS to Colin Adams on the award of £277K from Scottish & Southern Energy to look at The factors affecting coastal marine migration routes in Atlantic salmon. Matt Newton and James Barry will be returning to SCENE to work on this project. (29th January 2016)

CONGRATULATIONS: to Caroline Millins on the successful defence of her PhD thesis entitled “Ecological drivers of a Vector-Borne Pathogen: distribution and abundance of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and its vector ixodes recinus in Scotland”.  The external examiner was Dr Jolyon Medlock, Public Health England, the internal examiner was Katie Hampson and the convenor was Barbara Helm. Caroline has also been recommended for the Joseph Black Medal and Hird Prize. (Thursday 7th January 2016.)

CONGRATULATIONS to Travis Van Leeuwen on his successful PhD viva last Friday . His thesis, on migratory and resident brown trout, was entitled 'Should I Stay or Should I Go: Developmental, Physiological, Behavioural and Morphological Differences between Offspring from Alternative Life Histories'. His examiners were Prof. Jorgen Johnsson from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Kevin Parsons, and the convenor was Pat Monaghan.  (Friday 25th September 2015)
CONGRATULATIONS: to Travis van Leeuwen who has been awarded a Journal of Experimental Biology Travelling Fellowship for £1800 for a project entitled "Does the metabolic phenotype of an individual predict habitat preference and migration tendency in a free-ranging marine fish?" Travis will be using the funds to study the movements of wild free-ranging cod in Newfoundland, Canada for most of October (2nd October 2015).


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