Research Councils UK Fee and Stipend Levels

Research Councils UK Fee and Stipend Levels

 The table below provides the Research Councils’ expectations for minimum stipend (maintenance grant) and fee levels for their funded students.  

2016-17 £14,296 £4,121 Yes
2017-18 £14,553 £4,195 Yes


£4,260 Yes
2019-20 £15,009 £4,327 Yes
2020-21 £15,245 £4,395 No
2021-22 £15,484 £4,464 No
2022-23 £15,727 £4,534 No
2023-24 £15,974 £4,605 No
2024-25 £16,225 £4,678 No
2025-26 £16,480 £4.751 No









 Notional Costings for Project Proposals

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Annual Increase

Each year, Research Councils UK (RCUK) usually increase their fee and stipend levels in line with inflation, based on the Treasury GDP deflator. Minimum fees recommended by the Research Councils are always adopted as the University of Glasgow Home/EU tuition fee for all postgraduate research.  The Research Councils’ minimum stipend level is often used as a guide for other funders.

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