Researcher Development: A Guide for PGRs

Researcher Development encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and events which are designed to enrich your skills, foster your talents, and accelerate your professional prospects. You should take part in Researcher Development during your research programme to get timely support with the skills you need as a researcher, and to build a bank of experiences that will help advance your career.

Examples of opportunities for Researcher Development include attending training courses, taking part in competitions and getting involved in public engagement.


The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a nationally recognised tool for Higher Education researchers at all levels of their career. It sets out the skills, attributes and behaviours expected of researchers at all careers stages (i.e. about learning how to be an effective researcher). You should use the RDF to plan your development and assess your career readiness. All Researcher Development Activities align to the RDF, so you can use it to map out your training and development. You can discover how other researchers have used the RDF on the Vitae Researcher Profiles webpage.

Vitae Researcher Development Framework graphic