Towards the Finish Line

Finishing the fieldwork, writing-up, getting published, preparing for the viva...The final few months of a PhD are daunting for anyone.  Even more so if you are also trying to job-hunt at the same time.  This online course will lead you through the final stages of a PhD, including information on

  • Developing a timeline for completion
  • The nuts and bolts of getting your thesis written and submitted
  • The purpose and structure of a viva at Glasgow (including video clips from a real University of Glasgow Viva - including interviews with the student and what happens during examiner discussions 'behind closed doors')
  • How to prepare for the Viva - what to bring with you and common questions
  • Writing for publication (either in a journal or a book format)

This course appears on Moodle as 'viva preparation'. Login with your normal GUID / password to access the course.

Feedback from previous participants

Excellent links to those who have experienced the process and good ideas for write up and viva preparation. The fact that the pages will stay up to be used later on is excellent too. I'll be checking back over the next six months of writing up.

The best thing was seeing that everyone really is in the same boat when it comes to thesis-writing. No matter how different the subjects are, the same worries/problems afflict everyone. It's encouraging to know I'm not alone!