Three Minute Thesis 2019


The Grand Final took place on Thursday 21st March 2019 at 3.30pm, in the Senate Room with an audience of nearly 100.

  • Overall winner: Emma Elliott - "Draw me a clock..."
  • Runner up: Saowalak Boonaiem - "Does international tax increase foreign direct investment in developing countries?"
  • People's Choice: Michaela Hruskova - "Chasing Unicorns in Scotland" (formerly "Entrepreneurial Ecosystems or Egosystems?")

3MT Winners 2019

We hope to keep in touch with our winners to see how they make use of their research prizes in 2019/20!

3MT Finalists 2019

Well done to all of our 2019 participants! The finalists who made it through their heats were:

  • Gavin Macauley (SCI&ENG) - More is different: how tiny magnetic Lego can build the next generation of computers
  • Katie Riddoch (SCI&ENG) - Robot Friends – Science Fiction or Reality?
  • Oleksandr Zhdanov (SCI&ENG) - How do plants respond to wind?
  • Kathryn McCall (MVLS) - The SABER Study has a Bone to Pick with Septic Arthritis
  • Narissa Parry (MVLS) - Initiating Self Destruct: using cancer cells’ own defence against them
  • Raminta Kazlauskaite (MVLS) - SalmoSim - An Artificial Salmon Gut System
  • Emma Elliott (MVLS) - Draw me a clock…
  • Caitlin Duncan (MVLS) - Going Loopy: Predicting Treatment Response in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Rommel J. Gestuveo (MVLS) - Zika virus: outsmarting the clever
  • Michaela Hruskova (COSS) - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems or Egosystems?
  • Saowalak Boonaiem (COSS) - Does international tax increase foreign direct investment in developing countries?
  • Jorge Pinheiro (COSS) - Macroprudential Policy in a Union

2019 Films

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