Supervisor Workshops

Supervisor Workshops are running online for 2021!

These optional CPD sessions are open to Supervisors from any College (unless specifically indicated). They are intended to support staff who are supervising research students (PGRs) either in a formal capacity or informal mentoring (e.g. postdoctoral researchers). The sessions are aimed at doctoral level supervisors (inc Ed.D, Eng.D etc.) but are open to all.

When booking is open, use the link shown to reserve your place; we will update HR Core for attendance after the session. 

Contact Sam Oakley if you have any questions about the sessions or suggestions for future workshops. 


Supervision "Reboot" for 2021

Webinar took place on : 11th December 2020, 11-12pm (Zoom)

2020 has brought challenges for both PhD supervisors and PGRs alike. The end of the year offers a chance for reflection and reboot, in order to start 2021 primed for success! We have an online resource with 5 suggestions as a starting point.

Research Integrity and PhD supervision

Date: Webinar took place on 14th January 2021, 3-4pm

Although we provide introductory Research Integrity training, PGRs learn most about research integrity from their supervisors and the culture around them. We will explore the challenges for supervisors and best practice for fulfilling this responsibility. There will also be an outline of the research integrity training that PGRs receive and the questions we tell them to ask you!

Slides from the session are on the Supervisor Moodle course

NB: this supervisor workshop is not "Research Integrity training" for staff, but supplements that training (which includes a short, optional module on Supervision). Access the online training by self-enrolling on the Moodle course.


Supporting your PhD students with their work-life balance

Date: Webinar took place on 26th January 2021, 2-3pm (Zoom)

This session will cover how you can support and promote a healthy culture in your lab or research group. It will include practical strategies, discussion, tips and signposting to resources.  We hope the session will be useful to you when thinking about your own work life balance as well as to your students.

We have an online resource for this too.

Coaching skills for PhD supervisors

Date: Webinar took place on 28th January 2021, 9.30-12.30pm

Learn and practice key coaching skills to improve your working relationship with your research students, help them with setting goals and priorities and growing in confidence to become a more independent researcher. (This session is run by an external trainer).

Supporting PhD students with career development during Covid

Date: Webinar took place on 2nd February 2021, 11-12pm

A Q&A session with our Careers Manager for Researchers with a focus on supporting PGRs with career development during covid times. It will include an assessment of the pros and cons of the current job market, plus strategies for supporting students when normal career or professional development opportunities (e.g. lab placements) aren't available.

Resources from this session can be found on the Supervisor Moodle course

Supporting your PhD students with their wellbeing

Date: Webinar took place on 9th February 2021, 2-3pm

We will discuss recent work undertaken across the HE sector on the issues facing research students (and their supervisors) which may have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. The session will signpost to information, resources and support services and there will be an opportunity to discuss specific concerns or issues.

Resources from this session are on the Supervisor Moodle course

Supervising PhD students at a distance

Date: 16th February 2021, 1-2pm (Zoom)
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This session will explore the benefits and challenges of supervising research students at a distance, including: setting expectations, roles and responsibilities; use of technology; how can we make someone feel part of a research community when they're working remotely? 

Supporting PhD Students with their writing

Date: 24th February 2021, 10-11am (Zoom)
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This session will cover how you can support your student in developing a positive and productive writing practice. It will discuss common difficulties encountered by students, and the strategies that you might employ in helping them tackle these. It will also signpost the support and resources currently available to your students.

Supervising interdisciplinary PhD students

Date: 3rd March 2021, 2-3pm
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This session will explore ways to overcome the challenges for both supervisors and their students who are undertaking interdisciplinary doctoral research.


Conflict & difficult conversations for PhD supervisors

Date: 10th March 2021, 2-4.30pm (Zoom)
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This session will cover tools and processes to help you make sure that Supervisory discussions are as productive as possible. Participants will:

  • discuss some of the key challenges which are unique to PGR supervision.
  • consider effective methods of building rapport and positively influencing behaviour.
  • identify the most appropriate techniques to give developmental feedback or challenge difficult behaviour.
  • recognise how your behaviour impacts challenging conversations and explore skills required to defuse challenging situations.



Building a supportive culture for PGRs

Date: 17th March 2021, 12-1pm
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Local research culture has a vital role in boosting the success and wellbeing of PGRs. We will explore ideas for collectively supporting PGRs (& easing pressure on the supervisors!)


Supervising Remotely During the Coronavirus Crisis

This online resource was created to support supervisors who suddenly find themselves supervising remotely. It has a short video and links to resources.