Project Selection and Student Recruitment Timetable




Monday 23 September 2019

LKAS PhD Scholarships 2020/21 project proposals call goes live. The call will be open for 5 weeks.

10.30am, Monday 28 October 2019

Register project proposal application. Submit Project Proposal Form in PDF format to the Graduate School of the Lead Supervisor, using the file name ‘College, Lead Supervisor Surname, Abbreviated Title.pdf’:




10.30am, Monday 18 November 2019

  • Graduate Schools review and complete assessment forms for all proposals received.
  • Graduate Schools forward top 4 ranked project proposals and their assessment forms to the PGR Service ( (No summary is required as applications will be logged electronically).
  • Graduate Schools inform all applicants of the outcome of the College selection committee. Provision of feedback will be at the discretion of the Graduate School.
  • The top 16 selected proposals (4 from each College) will be verified as being eligible by the PGR Service.

Week beginning Monday 18 November 2019 – 12 noon, Monday 13 January 2020

2020/21 LKAS PhD Scholarship projects advertised. (If a successful project has already identified a candidate at the application stage, it will not be advertised). Applicants will apply via the Scholarships Application Portal (coming soon).  Applicants should be encouraged to demonstrate how they meet the criteria listed in Appendix 1 of the LKAS PhD Scholarship Guidance Notes as part of the recruitment process. All application documentation will be forwarded to the Lead Supervisor at the end of the advertising period.

10.30am, Wednesday 22 January 2020

The Lead supervisor should submit the following documentation of the preferred candidate to the PGR Service ( in a combined PDF document using the file name ‘Candidate - Candidate First name Surname, Abbreviated Title, College - Lead Supervisor First Name Surname.pdf’:

  • Application form
  • 2 references in support of the student’s application
  • Degree transcripts in English (Undergraduate and Masters, if relevant)
  • Evidence of English language proficiency, if relevant


The references relevant to a student’s application for admission to Glasgow for the PhD may be submitted to this process – they do not need to be tailored to this process. Shortlisted candidates should complete their application for study at the University via the Online Admissions System.


10.00am – 12 noon, Thursday 30 January 2020, Room 223, 11 The Square

8 scholarships will be awarded based on both a) how well the project meets the criteria of the scheme and b) the excellence of the student. The PGR Service will notify all project teams as to the outcome of the selection process. Lead Supervisors will be responsible for informing their candidates as to the decision of the panel. Graduate Schools will issue award letters to the successful candidates. Candidates have 1 month to accept. The PGR Service should be notified of all acceptances/rejections.

By 31 July 2020

Graduate Schools will request new consumables budget for each new student from the Finance Office (Anne Wheeler) and inform the PGR Service.

1 October 2020

Successful candidates will commence PhD study.

By 31 March 2021

Deadline for LKAS PhD students to be in post.



1) Can I resubmit a research proposal from previous rounds?


2) Can I include a diagram or figures in the application?


3) Can I include supervisors from another university/external organisation?

One of the aims of the LKAS scheme is to encourage collaboration within the University. Proposals which include external partners need to provide justification as to why this has been included.

4) If I've been a lead supervisor on a previous or current LKAS project can I be included on a proposal this year?

We would like to broaden participation in the scheme so current first supervisors are not permitted to lead an application again this year. You may be named as a second or third supervisor however preference will be given to new supervisory teams. If you are a current supervisor and your student will have submitted by the time the new cohort will start, you may still submit a new proposal.

5) I already have a student in mind to for the project. Will this be an advantage at the College shortlisting stage?

Not necessarily. At the College shortlisting stage emphasis will be on the strength of the proposal and it's fit with the overall strategic aims of the LKAS programme.

6) Do I have to team up with someone from another School/College?

Not necessarily. The focus of the scheme is promoting any collaborative project that aims to address new questions and to develop transformative ideas. 

7) I already have a student in mind but they want to complete the project part-time. Is this possible?

LKAS scholarships are offered on a full time basis only in the first instance. Exceptions may be made to accommodate applicants with health issues or caring responsibilities.

8) Does the student have to be based in Glasgow?

Ideally the student should be based where they can access the full range of support that the University can offer. 

9) Can I put forward a project and student that is already underway?

Funding is only provided for new projects. Funding will not be provided for research projects that have already commenced.

10) Can a Honorary member of staff be included in the supervisory team?

Yes, but only as a second or third supervisor. The PGR Code of Practice sets out who may act as a supervisor for a PhD project.

11) Can I include more than 3 supervisors in the proposal?

Proposals are limited to including up to 3 supervisors only. Additional collaborators may be named on the proposal in the section provided.

12) Who does the University allow to act as a supervisor?

Please see the University's Postgraduate Research Code of Practice, section 5.