Our ESRC Funded Pathways - Who To Contact About Your Application

Applicants who have definite plans to submit an application should:

a) Read all of the guidance carefully on the SGSSS website on how to apply for an ESRC Student-led Open Competition Studentship.

b) Identify a potential supervisor.

Your are strongly advised to allow sufficient time to do this. Your supervisor must agree to accept you as a potential supervisee and be happy to support your application, as they will be required to submit a Statement of Support. This Statement of Support is not required for the Stage 1 application process but our Pathway representative may wish to see this in advance to assess your application.

c) Contact the relevant Pathway Representatives (see list below) with their application (ideally before Monday 29 November 2021) to allow them to provide feedback. 

More details about each Pathway can be be found on the SGSSS website.

The following documentation is required for Stage 1 applications (additional documentation may be requested by the Pathway representative):

  • Application Form 
  • CV (academic where applicable)
  • All relevant Undergraduate and Masters level degree transcripts (and translations, if not originally in English) – provisional transcripts are sufficient if you are yet to complete your degree.

d) Create an account on SGSSS Apply - Register

5.00pm, 9 December 2021  - Deadline for applicants to upload their application documentation to SGSSS Apply.

Registering on SGSSS Apply in plenty of time allows your account to be verified by the SGSSS, as this is done during office hours only. When you add your referees' details, they will both be automatically emailed and requested to return their references to pgr@glasgow.ac.uk

You should give your referees as much notice as possible to submit their references. Applicants who complete their application at the last minute are unlikely to receive a favourable response from their referee.

Applications which do not have both references will be disregarded.

References, on the SGSSS template, must be returned by the application deadline of 5.00pm, Monday 13th December 2021  to pgr@glasgow.ac.uk

Research Proposal

The Research Proposal must include the following sections:

  • Overview - a general introduction that succinctly sets out exactly what the project seeks to explore. This should also include the research question(s) to be addressed and the overall aim of the project.
  • Context – situate the research within the relevant literature/s. This should include a brief summary of research already taken in the field, addressing key works and scholars. Specific attention should be paid to problems in the existing literature and ways in which your proposed research challenges/addresses these You should also give an account of the theoretical issues relevant to your research, and whether you intend to test existing theories or develop new ones.
  • Methodology – provide a detailed account of the methodology and/or methods that will be Specific attention should be paid, where relevant, to any innovative aspects of the proposed methodology.
  • An indication of ethical issues associated with this proposal and proposed actions to mitigate these.
  • Risk assessment – you could indicate whether there are aspects of your proposal which might prove problematic in practice (for example, in relation to methodology and access to data). If this is the case, please outline proposed actions to mitigate these. If you do not think that there are specific risks associated with your proposal then state that this is the case.
  • Impact – a brief discussion of the implications of the proposed research for the broader discipline, any practical applications, and/or any policy


Pathway Representatives