• Professor in Control Engineering - Manchester Metropolitan University

Research interests

My research concerns the theory of control systems and modeling with applications mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Boolean input systems (i.e. power converter)
  • Geometric Control (nonholonomic control systems)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering (Robust Control Design for unsupported Paraplegic Standing)
  • Energy reduction (Smart Grid, Multiple Agent Systems, Fuel Cells, Power Generation and Wireless Power Transfer)
  • Autonomous Vehicle (Motion planning, visualization control)

In particular, my research interest is focused on the growing expansion of the electrical network and the ever-increasing demand on the network, I intend to investigate further the planning and real-time management of the energy supply in the distribution network using storage and smart meters.

The focus will be on developing new methodologies for control Energy Storage using agent-based systems (AI) based on forecast models to balance 3-phase Low Voltage feeders, reduce peak demand, and avoid thermal and voltage constraints using forecasted demand profiles. 

The volatility of the demand makes it a challenge at hand for creating a statistical model based on historical data to be used for the control:

  • Control of energy storage (e.g., for flywheels, batteries, or supercapacitors)
  • Developing load forecasting models to predict demand
  • Application to Energy storage systems for transport (e.g., for automotive, shipping, and aircraft)
  • Application to Energy storage systems for grid support including use with ancillary services
  • Intelligent coordination of storage elements in the grid both at micro (i.e., low voltage) and macro (i.e., high voltage) scales
  • Monitoring, modeling, and other performance assessment methodologies for the control of storage
  • Explorations of the future of energy storage systems and associated control problems