Uche Okpara

  • Fellow in Climate Change and State Fragility - Natural Resources Institute

Research interests

Dr Uche Okpara is an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist working across a wide range of research areas in Environment, Security and Sustainable Development. His research advances understanding of nature-society relationships focusing on:

  • the complex relationships between climate change, violent conflict and fragility;
  • gender equality, food security and natural resources (land and water) management; and
  • the practical and policy mechanisms that can advance climate resilience, peacebuilding and sustainable development in stressed environments.

Specifically, Uche is interested in understanding:

  • how everyday lives and ordinary livelihood expectations are being significantly altered by social and ecological disasters;
  • how food security and environmental management pathways can be co-created to balance competing social-ecological priorities and human welfare needs in conflict-prone environments;
  • how environmental shocks experienced in drylands enable the emergence of conflict economies, including how the experience of conflict undermines a society’s ability to cope with climate change; and
  • how anticipations of future shocks and stresses feed into modes of socio-ecological systems governance that prevent a compounding cycle of fragility.