Tom Hutchinson

  • Professor of Environment and Health - University of Plymouth

Research interests

My key research interests are on climate change, chemical risks and the wildlife-human health connection.  This includes (1) addressing the knowledge gap on the environmental risks and human health implications of natural toxins and mycotoxins in rivers and coastal waters in a climate change context; (2) investigating the cumulative environmental risk assessment of agrochemicals and related synthetic chemicals in freshwater and marine ecosystems; and (3) evaluating legacy pollutants and the environmental risk assessment of toxic metals in landfills exposed due to coastal erosion and sea level rise.

I am a Chartered Biologist with >30 years international expertise working on the environmental risk assessment of chemicals, metals and pharmaceuticals. I joined the University of Plymouth in 2013 where I am Professor of Environment and Health and serve on the Executive Management team of the Sustainable Earth Institute. I am an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, the Linnean Society and the UK Higher Education Academy.  My international career includes 21 years working as Senior Scientist and Global Project Manager in AstraZeneca UK and Sweden. For six years, I worked in senior roles in the UK public sector (Head of Science at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, then Programme Director at Cefas, providing scientific advice to UK government and international organisations on freshwater and marine resource management. During my career I have worked on diverse UK and global sustainability projects supported by CEFIC, ECETOC, EFPIA, the European Environment Agency, European Science Foundation, OECD, PhRMA, UNEP and WHO.  I also serve on the UK Government's Expert Committee on Pesticides, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Review College, NERC Advisory Network and OECD Test Guidelines Programme for international chemical safety assessment.