Timothy O'Farrell

  • Professor of Wireless Communications - University of Sheffield

Research interests

Tim is Chair Professor of Wireless Communications at the University of Sheffield, U.K., where he specialises in wireless physical layer signal processing and energy efficient radio access network design.

He is an entrepreneur, being the co-founder and CTO of Supergold Communication Limited (1997-2007), a start-up that participated in the standardisation of IEEE 802.11g.

In the framework of Mobile VCE (mVCE), Tim was the Academic Coordinator of the Core 5 Green Radio research programme (2009-2012) and a leader in establishing energy efficiency as a global research field in wireless communications systems. He was General Chair of the 5th International Workshop on Next Generation Green Wireless Networks (Next-GWiN 2018). He led the UK Research Strategy Community Organisation in Communications, Mobile Computing and Networking (CommNet2), which promoted energy efficient networking as a key research theme. He is a director of the mVCE and a member of the UK5G Climate and Environment Working Group (uk5g.org).

His research interests include the design of energy efficient wireless networks, direct digitisation in multiband receivers, waveform design for wireless transceivers, and software defined radios.