Tilman Brück

  • Professor of Food Security, State Fragility and Climate Change - University of Greenwich

Research interests

Professor Brück’s research focuses on how people cope with extreme adversity, from violent conflict, insecurity, state fragility and weak institutions to natural disasters and the impacts of climate change.

He has pioneered the quantitative micro-level analysis of violent conflict, developing methods to identify the causal impacts of shocks and uncertainty on human behaviour and welfare. In recent years, he has expanded this view of variable ‘conflict exposure’ at the individual level to other settings of extreme uncertainty, such as natural disasters and pandemics. He has also developed tools for conducting rigorous impact evaluations to learn if and how interventions in conflict and fragile settings can improve food security and human development.

Professor Brück values long-term longitudinal (or panel) studies and has contributed to many such studies around the world, leading, for example, a panel established in 2010 in Kyrgyzstan. Many of his research projects combine multiple methods and data sources as a way of learning about important contextual and institutional factors.