Tavis Potts

  • Director, Centre for Energy Transition - University of Aberdeen

Research interests

Dr Tavis Potts is a Reader in Environmental Geography and interim Director of the Centre for Energy Transition. . Dr Potts is engaged in research projects and policy initiatives that work with coastal communities and industries in developing ecosystem based approaches to marine planning; energy transition, conservation and management. Topics include: 

  • Understanding and evaluating the concept of a Just Transition in the UK and the international context. 
  • Deepening and innovating societal engagement process around energy transition 
  • Analysing the policy response and effectivness of the energy transition. 
  • Linking the conceptual and practical applicaitons of Natural Captial and biodiversity conservation with Net Zero. 
  • Developing participatory and survey based approaches to map social values, perspectives on energy transition and environmental governance. 
  • Understanding the emergence, effectiveness and role of the blue and green economy.