Sunday Ekpo

  • Senior Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Manchester Metropolitan University

Research interests

  • RF, millimetre-wave and microwave systems development for advanced radio access technologies (4G/LTE/5G/5G+/Wi-Fi 6/6E) applications
  • Satellite broadcast solutions manufacturing
  • Industrial Internet of Things Sensors
  • Antennas and propagation engineering
  • Voice recognition solutions for next-generation adapted vehicles
  • Satellite-cellular convergence open radio access network ecosystem
  • Regenerative transponder and reconfigurable transceiver design
  • Integrated Electronic and Optical Components Design
  • Electronic Communication Data Uplink and Downlink Characterisations
  • RF Antenna Biosensor Development
  • Adaptive beamformer development for next-generation vehicular communications
  • Heterogeneous Space-borne, Air-borne and Land-based Sensors Characterisation
  • Environmental Monitoring