Sumita Chatterjee

  • Research Associate - University of Glasgow

Research interests

I have earned my PhD in Cultural Neuropsychology from the University of Glasgow. I am interested in the influences of culture on visual perception and thus the re-assessment/adaptation of visual perceptual neuropsychological tests in different cultural contexts. My research includes an interest in exploring a paradigm shift within neuropsychological research, away from classical European science that heavily emphasizes quantitative methods towards a mixed methods approach that involves quantitative, qualitative, and indigenous knowledge.

I currently am a research associate with Gendered Journeys, an ESRC funded research group aimed at understanding the experiences of women entering STEM for higher education and the workforce in order to target events that may be contributing to the gender inequality seen in those fields. I am involved in community engagement and knowledge exchange and a big part of my interests lie in how bringing gender equality (and equality as a whole) to STEM is a necessary climate action.

My two worlds combine in my current growing exploration of how those living areas of deprivations bear the brunt of the effects of climate change, and are exposed to pollutants that can have severe consequences on cognition (e.g. lead poisoning). Individuals living in such deprived areas tend to be minority and ethnic groups, the very demographic for which neuropsychological assessments are not culturally compatible for. Explorations involve understanding how to connect the dots between culture, neuropsychology, and environmentalism, using methodologies that break from solely implementing the positivist, European paradigm.