• Senior Lecturer - London Metropolitan University

Research interests

Siân’s research concerns biodiversity in the urban environment, exploring urban rewilding as a means to address biodiversity and greenspace decline, while promoting sustainable redevelopment of cities. Her research themes include:

  • city representation
  • generosity in architectural practice
  • the benefits of living with nature
  • perceptions of wildness
  • pro-environmental behaviour change.

Siân’s work combines her expertise in sustainable design; architectural practice experience in housing, building conservation and urban regeneration; and passion for wildlife. Her research is practice based, using design-research methodologies to develop and communicate visions for biodiverse cities - and incite community action to effect change.

Her Rewild My Street research project uses architectural drawings to inspire and empower residents to transform London’s streets for wildlife. The drawings are shared at, which forms a design toolkit, recommending products and activities to attract wildlife, and curating expert information on urban species and habitats. This design-led approach brings new insights to conservation guidance, including street-scale thinking, sensitive integration with an urban context and elegant product specification. Public engagement with the website and social media accounts provides quantitative and qualitative results.

The project was a winner of the London National Park City international design-ideas competition, and finalist of the Big Idea Challenge and Sustainable Cities awards. Its outputs have been widely disseminated through academic and professional conferences, public events, and social and mainstream media coverage.