Shona Paterson

  • Global Challenges Research Fellow - Brunel University London

Research interests

Shona is a climate scientist with a PhD in Coastal Resource Management. With a special interest in marginalised communities and equity, Shona's recent research has focused on global flood risk and resilience, climate risk assessments, adaptation and adaptive capacity in urbanising coastal areas, governance and social justice, and the society-policy-practice nexus.

Paramount to Shona’s work is the generation of defensible research informed by the needs of society and co-created with the intended beneficiaries. Embracing a transdisciplinary approach, she works not only on science and policy but also on effective and fit-for-audience communication of data and knowledge to ensure increased open and impactful discourse around risk.

She has extensive research experience in the Caribbean, USA, UK and Ireland, as well as a global perspective through her continued involvement with Future Earth Coasts.