• Senior Research Fellow - University of Nottingham

Research interests

Dr Sharmila Sumsurooah is a senior research fellow for the Power electronics and machines Control (PEMC) group of the University of Nottingham.

She is currently managing and leading EU funded research projects in the area of net-zero carbon aviation with our industrial and university partners.  Her novel technical work in the design and optimisation of aircraft power system, and robust stability studies have been recognised in leading international journals and conferences.

She was an invited speaker at the More-Electric Aircraft international conference in Hamburg in 2018, where she helped start a strong network group of international partners to found the “Solutions for Aircraft Electrification Leadership” (SAEL) initiative and workshop series in July 2019. The aim of SAEL is to bring together world-leading experts and scientists from the aerospace sector to lead the shift from conventional to sustainable aviation through aircraft electrification.