Sarah Bridle

  • Professor - University of Manchester

Research interests

I am a transdisciplinary researcher driven by the need to tackle climate change, focusing on a quantitative approach to helping transform food systems to steward change to new kinds of futures.

Recognising that the scale and pace of change requires not just research but also action by a large range of stakeholders, my work connects from data to policymakers, food system actors, and citizens. Our food system will dramatically change over the coming decade due to impacts of climate change (e.g. extreme weather) and societal responses aimed at rapid carbon reduction. Transforming the global food system, which is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, is a massive challenge. I am therefore developing and providing accessible quantitative resources that help facilitate effective decision-making for helping bring about net negative climate impacts from the food system.

My current research focuses on synthesising, exploring and effectively communicating environmental and nutrition impacts of different dietary options, with the aim of driving changes in food production methods and portfolios to be healthy for people and planet.