• Research Fellow - Queen's University Belfast

Research interests

My research trajectory is multidisciplinary. At undergraduate level, using cross-sectional data, I used market and non-market valuation (contingent valuation) techniques to value (Willingness to Pay – using interval regression) an environmental resource (forestry).

In addition, at the MSc level, I partnered the use of the UK Business Resilience to Climate Change (CC) Tool to investigate the preparedness of UK SMEs’. My primary MSc project investigated the social impact of wind farms in Northern Ireland (NI) and quantified their impact on the well-being of residents.

Funded by NI agricultural and environmental governing body, The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), my PhD continued along the rural social science pathway. Exploiting high-quality secondary public (longitudinal) data, and through the use of empirical econometric modelling (binary logistic regression), this research quantified the impact of national policy on rural wellbeing (health and social isolation) in NI.   

I commenced as a PDRA, in September 2019, at Institute for Global Security (IGFS), Queens University Belfast. The project is funded through the NI Agri-Food Quest Componence Centre (Invest NI) and 14 commercial partners.  The project which is centred around the development of sustainability metrics for farm systems also engages closely with DAERA.  I have developed and standardised a network of comprehensive sustainability metrics; chiefly, carbon balancing, farm gross margin | hectare and farm-family wellbeing.  Guided by informatics modelling (machine-learning), these metrics have united to create a single-indicator of farm sustainability, helping to improve farmer sustainability awareness and nurture behavioural change.