Ranjeet Sokhi

  • Director of the Centre for Climate Change Research (C3R) - University of Hertfordshire

Research interests

  • Physics of the atmosphere with emphasis on dynamics and composition of the troposphere and processes affecting air quality and climate.
  • Combined modelling and observational analysis to understand sensitivities of short lived air pollutants at high resolutions e.g. climate driven BL dynamical changes, global boundary conditions, temporal variabilities, emissions changes and gas/aerosol physics and chemistry.
  • Analyse of variabilities in meteorological and climate predictions to explain the observed changes in current and future weather patterns and extreme events and atmospheric composition (e.g. SO4, NO3, NH4, BC) affecting cities.
  • Prediction of airborne particle number to reveal influences of source sector emissions (e.g. vehicular traffic, aviation) and dynamical aerosol processes (e.g. coagulation, deposition).
  • Aerosols/radiative feedbacks on atmospheric composition, air quality and climate during dust and forest fire events.
  • Risk based applications for air quality policy and mitigation, examining fuure impacts.