Rachel Kelly

  • Senior Lecturer - Manchester Metropolitan University

Research interests

Since 2017 Rachel Kelly has been part of two British Council Crafting Futures Research Projects which explored extant gloabl craft knowledges, community craft practice development, design collaboration, sustainable methodologies, heritage and global challenges. The project Drafting a New Oral Tradition for Ethnolinguistic Philippine Weaving Tradition was supported by British Council Crafting Futures and Global Challenges Research Fund pump priming funding to develop interdisciplinary research between MMU & University of the Philippines with ethnolinguistic weaving communities within the Cordillera region of the Philippines, to develop a toolkit to support the sustainability of extant knowledge losses from community based ethnolinguistic craft traditions. This research identified links between climate and craft practices, specifically  practice undertaken by women to challenge both economic and environmental losses as a result of climate change.

From December 2020 Kelly was invited to lead the research for Crafting Futures Argentina which involved leading a research survey of Craft and Design collaboration within Argentina. By identifying the existing practices which arise from a cross section of craft communities, many who face global challenges,this research is seeking to understand the nature of the relationships which form around craft to build a foundation for the development of a sustainable and revitalised craft ecosystem in Argentina.

From September 2021 Kelly will lead the British Council Making Matters China Design Challenge which is a global design challenge which will will co-develop and deliver a design challenge focused on Circular Design, for China-based students.

1: enable participating students to develop new insights and expressions in circular economy though design.

 2. support students to explore perspectives and mindsets as a methodology to support new ways of communicating circular economy within international design partnerships and cross cultural exchange.