Rachel Carmenta

  • Tyndall Lecturer in Climate Change and International Development - University of East Anglia

Research interests

I'm an environmental social scientist specialising in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of environment and development, environmental risk and the relationship between place and well-being.

My work focuses on the design, performance and social equity of environmental governance. I work in the Brazilian Amazon and Indonesias oil palm frontiers on fire prone peat lands. Much of my work is related to understanding the impacts and governance of tropical fire including the recurrent and catastrophic wildfires which have become a “new normal” in the context of the Anthropocene.

My focus is also on the human dimension of fire which has evaded the majority of the research effort but which offers a powerful language for change. I capture the often invisible, place-based impacts of landscape flammability and conservation and development interventions on food security, health and locally defined human well-being. This work falls within the Adaptation and Resilience, and Nature based solutions priority areas of the UK COP Presidency.