Philip Leonard Gibbard

  • Emeritus Professor of Quaternary Palaeoenvironments - Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Research interests

Phil's main interest is in Pleistocene and Neogene Geology, sedimentation and the construction of stratigraphy using appropriate litho-, bio- and chronostratigraphical methods to establish the changing palaeogeography and palaeoenvironment for any particular area.

Within this general field the following topics hold particular interest:

  • Glacial, periglacial and interglacial stratigraphy, sedimentation and structure, including Baltic Sea history. The main regions are Europe and North America.
  • Fluvial sedimentation and drainage evolution. The history of the River Thames, its tributaries and lowland Europe in general.
  • Shallow marine and coastal sedimentation in NW Europe and southern Asia.
  • Palynology of Pleistocene and Neogene deposits in both interglacial and glacial periods.
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction combining both floral and faunal fossils and sedimentary evidence.
  • Miocene sedimentation in Turkey.
  • Stratigraphical concepts and application.
  • Palaeogeographical information.

Phil is scientific advisor to the International Quaternary Map of Europe (IQUAME) project sponsored by BGR, Hannover, Germany.