Paul O'Hare

  • Senior Lecturer - Manchester Metropolitan University & Manchester Climate Change Agency

Research interests

Dr Paul O’Hare is a Senior Lecturer in Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has extensive expertise in the theory and practice of:

  • climate change resilience
  • climate change adaptation
  • stakeholder governance

Of particular relevance to this role is work assessing the forces that catalyse and frustrate the practical realisation of climate change resilience within wider society. This includes examinations of:

  • Spatial, temporal and local vulnerability to climate change
  • The integration of adaptive technologies into communities vulnerable to flooding
  • The role of risk transfer (e.g. insurance and the planning system) in catalysing or constraining climate change adaptation
  • And the co-production of stakeholder ‘buy-in’ to adaptive strategies

From January – December 2021 he is a UKRI-funded embedded researcher with the Manchester Climate Change Agency (MCCA). The aim of this work is to help identify what a climate resilient Manchester will look like.