• Professor of Chemical Engineering, Director UCL East - University College London

Research interests

Over 25 years’ experience in Fluidization and 10 years’ experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), with applications to the chemical, petrochemical, nuclear and energy sector, with emphasis on waste management and conventional and alternative energy technologies.

Research in fluidization covers design and scale up of fluidized bed reactors and the understanding of the effect of process conditions and powder physical characteristics on the fluidization behaviour of industrial catalysts.

Research work in Life Cyle Assessment spans:

  • municipal waste management
  • plastic waste management
  • nuclear waste reprocessing
  • gasification of waste and biomass
  • energy from waste
  • biofuels
  • conventional and alternative energy technologies (e.g. shale gas, geothermal energy)
  • carbon capture, utilization and storage
  • advanced manufacturing processes.