• Research Fellow - University of Plymouth

Research interests

Dr Tills is a marine biologist with a training in developmental ecophysiology. He is a UKRI FLF Research Fellow and leads the EmbryoPhenomics research group at the University of Plymouth. 

His research focuses on the early development of aquatic organisms within the context of their environment. To support this research he has developed a breadth of skills to enable the development of new technology enabled approaches to studying the dynamic process of early development.

Dr Tills has led the development of EmbryoPhenomics an automated technological platform for the high-throughput screening of aquatic embryos and this has included both; hardware in the form of OpenVIM - an open-source video microscope for high-throughput screening of aquatic embryos and EmbryoCV a Python package for automated analysis of embryonic time series video datasets.

EmbryoPhenomics: a novel technology