Nova Mieszkowska

  • Senior Lecturer - University of Liverpool

Research interests

Responses of marine biodiversity to climate change, ocean acidification, microplastics and multiple stressors, biogeography, macroecology, underlying physiological mechanisms.

Species Distribution Modelling, Dynamic Energy Budget modelling, mechanistic functional traits modelling. Experimental ecophysiology. Reproductive physiology and phenology. Invasion biology and impacts of invasives on native biodiversity. Physiological stress responses to environmental parameters and synthetic compounds.

Maintaining long-term time-series of intertidal species and communities around Britain and Europe. Impacts of anthropogenic pressures on the coastal zone. Field and mesocosm experimental investigations of physiological impacts of climate drivers on marine ectotherms and macroalgae. Science-policy knowledge transfer; assessments of ecosystem status, planning of MCZs, compliance to national and international policy drivers. Adaptational mechanisms underpinning changes in marine environments.