Mira Lieberman

  • PhD candidate and Grantham Scholar - The University of Sheffield and The Grantham Centre

Research interests

We really are in a critical point of time. Scientists tell us it is almost too late but that we are definitely the last generation who can save our planet.

The natural world is being destroyed. Ecosystems are collapsing. The planet is warming, and species are dying at an alarming rate, as are populations of animals, birds, insects, fish, sea creatures and plants.

There must be something that can be done without tearing down our global systems of finance, markets, trade. But the financial system can be reoriented towards saving the planet. The way responsible investment has grown and evolved bears witness to the power of the financial industry as a force for good. The capitalist system, beginning with early industry and culminating in the height of the industrial revolution, continuing into the global expansion of capitalism and our modern-day reality of environmental degradation, ecological chaos and species extinction has the opportunity to turn this dire situation around. 

My research interests lie in developing and evaluating metrics, frameworks and financial product innovations that can be, and are being, implemented, through the financial markets, to measure the extinction impact, save species and ultimately to save the financial markets and the business world.

Every mechanism of the current corporate and global governance system needs to change dramatically if we are to save the planet - and ourselves. Banks, Central Banks, investment houses, sovereign wealth funds, venture capitalists, hedge funds, companies, public sector organisations, governments, local communities, charities, voluntary organisations, financial analysts, rating agencies, stock exchanges, accounting bodies, auditors – at every sectoral, organisational, geographic level - need to change the way they operate, their values, their mission and their priorities.