• Associate Professor - University of Plymouth

Research interests

How the combined effects of sea level rise and increased likelihood of storm surge events impact low-lying coastal vegetation. Specifically, the ecophysiological response of coastal plants to short duration immersion in seawater and how species-specific responses might alter the composition and function of coastal plant communities.

We are also interested in the effects of seawater innundation on arable and pasture crop species. This work informs research on integrated coastal defence (see review paper - Hanley et al 2020 in an Annals of Botany Special Issue on 'Plants and Coastal Flooding').

How aspect in the temperate rocky intertidal can be used as a surrogate for understanding how species distributions and ecosystem processes respond to variations in temperature. Initial work has shown aspect-linked variation in community structure and differences in limpet distributions and stress responses that may reveal something about species range shifts as a consequence of changing climate.