Maurizio Catulli

  • Senior Lecturer - The University of Hertfordshire / The Open University

Research interests

My Interests encompass all what is connected with Sustainable Production and Consumption, which is Goal 12 of the UN Development Goals.

I have interest in researching all angles of Sustainability implementation but I am particularly interested in sustainable business models, such as: 

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS is “a user-centric, intelligent mobility management and distribution system, in which an integrator brings together offerings of multiple mobility service providers, and provides end-users access to them through a digital interface, allowing them to seamlessly plan and pay for mobility” (Kamargianni et al. 2018,5)

Product Service Systems (PSS)

A PSS is “…a competitive system of products, services, supporting networks and infrastructure” designed to satisfy demand using fewer resources than traditional business models (Mont 2002,239)

Access Based Consumption (ABC)

 ABC encompasses “transactions that can be market mediated but where no transfer of ownership takes place” (Bardhi and Eckhardt 2012, 1). Access is a process by which suppliers “sell access, the ‘experience’” (Rifkin 2000, 44) of temporarily accessing products or services